Blockchain conferences in Dubai Part 1

Over the past two weeks, I have attended two of the largest blockchain conferences in Dubai, AIBC and WBS.

It was a huge conference, with many people, projects, companies, representatives of various departments and organizations.

I have spoken to many people and project directors, offering our expertise in blockchain project development, NFTs, and brand integration in the metaverse.

This article is made for sharing my experience from the conferences and exploring new projects.

Who does not know, today NFT is already used in almost all areas of our lives, cooking, fashion, art, design, music, films, and others.

I met with one of the representatives of the Socios project team, probably one of the most exciting and promising projects for today.

The most impressive news and projects that I was exposed:

1. The Dubai Police has announced the launch of its first set of NFTs, featuring 150 free digital assets that symbolize values of innovation, security, and communication.

The Dubai Police have announced that they will release their collection of NFTs. 

How to get a token for free?

In the message of law enforcement officers, it is mentioned that NFTs are based on such values as innovation, security, and communication. Each token emphasizes the uniqueness of the city and the importance of future technologies. Everyone can take part in the distribution of NFTs.

You need to share the police message about NFT on Twitter and send them a private message with your name, email address, and wallet address.

The Dubai Police became the first UAE agency to release its collection of NFTs.

The emirate government is one of the most progressive in the world in the field of blockchain. We recently talked about this.

They believe that adopting cryptocurrencies and Metaverses will double the country’s GDP in 10 years.

2. Aavegotchi is a blockchain game with elements of the Metaverse, focused on P2E.

We have been stocking up on digital land and characters for a long time and, of course, in the coming days, we plan to better understand the processes and tell you about them.

Sandro, the founder of one of the largest gaming guilds Metaguild, helped us quickly understand the game’s structure. Recently, he has already appeared in the channel, and today he willingly told what to expect from a new high-profile project.

In the conversation, he shared scenarios for earning money in the game, his expectations from the process and the future of P2E, as well as thoughts on why Aavegotchi has received such attention from the blockchain community.

3. The biggest DAO in history is about to launch.

“Big Shiba Inu” DAO is ready to launch. According to the founders, it should become the most influential financial DAO. The release date is scheduled for April 2022.

The decentralized organization is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is the first DAO focused on project development and marketing.

There will be no privileged tokens, all participants will be able to vote and make decisions. The tokens will be available for purchase on the FEGex and Uniswap platforms. Their number will be limited to 1 quadrillion pieces.

BIG is developing a revolutionary platform where everyone can submit their idea, create its visualization and raise money for launch using Web 3.0 technologies.

4. Jeff Koons announced the first NFT project “Moon Phases”, part of the drop will be sent to the moon.

One of the most popular contemporary artists announced plans to enter the NFT space as early as September 2021. Yesterday, he posted a teaser of the project on Twitter.

Each token from the collection will correspond to a real sculpture. Several statues will be sent to the moon using a rocket from NASA.

Part of the money earned will be donated to the French non-profit organization to help victims of war, famine and epidemics “Doctors Without Borders”.

The collection will be available on Jeff’s gallery platform, Pace Verso. The exact release date is still unknown.

5. The UAE authorities are thinking about paying salaries in cryptocurrency.

UAE top officials will meet at the Investopia Summit to discuss with politicians, investors and crypto entrepreneurs. One of the important points of the event will be the payment of salaries in cryptocurrencies in the emirates. Officials note that salaries are already paid in digital currencies in some other countries – now, the UAE is considering such a possibility.

According to the Minister of Economy of the UAE, the role of banks will be of particular importance. At the summit, they are going to discuss what can motivate banks to invest in the crypto industry actively. He previously stated that the adoption of cryptocurrencies and Metaverses is the key to doubling the country’s GDP in the next 10 years.

The meeting will also discuss the regulation of the Metaverses. 

6. Messi signed a $20 million deal to promote fan tokens.

Socios fan tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain provide holders with exclusive benefits. Fans can vote on team kit designs, select pre-match intro music, and receive additional VIP rewards and souvenirs. The Socios platform partners with more than 130 of the world’s largest sports organizations, including famous football clubs, the UFC mixed martial arts league, Formula 1 teams and eSports stars

7. In partnership with Metaverse artist Alex Box, acclaimed cosmetics brand Estée Lauder launched an original NFT wearable product inspired by the famous Advanced Night Repair Serum.

A limited number of 10,000 free Advanced Night Repair NFTs were made available during MVFW. Users can claim one wearable NFT to give their avatars a special glowing aura by stepping practically inside the Advanced Night Repair “Little Brown Bottle” and unlocking the Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) badge. Estée Lauder was the only beauty brand in Decentraland.

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